Jewellery Repairs

Is your sentimental piece of jewellery gets damaged or broken or succumbing to wear and tear?

We have experienced jewellers on site to restore your favourite jewellery pieces to its former glory.


We have a highly sophisticated laser machine to solder and also do hands-on repairs using traditional methods for more complicated work. Have our jewellers repair and restore your jewellery today !


Every ring has sentimental meaning. Whether it is wedding rings, engagement rings or rings that have been passed down, we can resize for you and it is completed in-house. If you have cherished pieces that over a period of time, stretched, wore thin and warped out of shape, our jeweller can restore back to its original glory.


Is your jewellery or watches scratched or losing its dazzling shine? We can deep clean, polish and finish to its finest detail. Your jewellery and watches will look brand new again !


Over time, due to wear and tear, ring claws can loosen and wear down and your precious gems and diamonds can fall out. Our jewellers can restore ring claws to ensure the diamonds and gems on your rings stays secure and safe.


We can modernise, personalise and customise in any way and or restore your jewellery pieces to its former glory.


Want to set a new gem or diamond in your ring or other jewellery pieces? Our jeweller can do that on the spot for you.

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